Thursday, May 10, 2007

Veterans for Peace Actions

(Don't get confused between Bush in New London on the 23rd and Cheney in
West Point on the 26th)


There are plans by Gathering of Eagles (or Gathering of Pigeons, as I
fondly refer to them) to gather at West Point for the 26th. They are
coming to protect any memorial and harass the march. I have two

If they form a protective line around some monument a group of us could
join them, interspersing ourselves between them. Now this would be
something only those who think they have the calm to do it should do, we
may be rejected and verbally attacked. It also means leaving the parade,
but I think this would be a more powerful action. I think we have to go
over in 2s and 3s, so as not too look threatening.

The other thought is could we do a Support and Defend event like we did
in DC. All of us retake our oaths to support and defend the constitution
from enemies foreign and domestic and invite them to join us. In this
case I think I would leave out the impeachment part. Or maybe explain
what we are going to do and give them an opportunity to step out. This
might require contacting them ahead of time.

Any one have any reaction to these ideas? Anyone ready to work on

I should note that I talked with some and reacted at a less than
conversation level with quite a few of them in DC. Almost all were
comfortable conversations. One of two were red faced and tight necked,
but even those we left agreeing to disagree. Most I did not talk to
about this war, we connected as vets and agreed on protection of the
Wall. Of those I talked to about the war the 1 or 2 were "fight them
there not here", most seemed ambivalent about the war, and some were out
front against the war. Since the Wall is not in West Point we will get
many less, which gives us a better chance to reach them. But I think we
will have the most dedicated and committed of them.

Elliott D S Adams
President, Veterans For Peace
PO Box 195
Sharon Springs, NY 13459
518-284-2048, 518-441-2697

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Nate said...

I was really uncomfortable with whatever oath that guy Tony from DC had us do there on 1/27. So were other VFP members. That had us pledging to obey the commander in chief. No thanks.