Monday, May 28, 2007

Just in from Ted Goodnight

Not only have two Marine, Iraq war veterans, in the Inactive Ready Reserves been threatened w/reversal of their Honorable Discharges to Other Than Honorable for their recent, post-discharge protest of the war, now it seems that a Gulf War vet has been arrested for speaking out against recruiting. It seems standing up for truth and humanity is becoming unlawful!! At the least it appears as though the government feels our military is only good enough to fight and die for our liberties, not to enjoy the exercise thereof!


Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library

Vet Prosecuted for Opposing Recruitment in Library
By Matthew Rothschild
Tim Coil served in the first Gulf War and now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
On March 12, he and his wife, Yvette, went to the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library in Ohio. At 37, she is a student at Kent State and needed to study for a biology test. Tim, 40, was reading some books.
Then they noticed two military recruiters trying to enlist someone in a nearby room, with a large glass window.
She decided to take action.
She took out some 3x5 cards and wrote messages to the man being recruited and then put them up on the window sill.
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This is just absolutely unacceptable. A war vet being charged for a crime that doesn’t exist. This is appalling.
Go here to support Tim and write a few letters Please. He did nothing wrong and should never have been charged. He should be commended for his courage.
Trial date is June 5, 2007
What are the police thinking?
I support her husband’s decision. He is to be congratulated for his efforts to keep his freedom of speech. It's people like Yvette and Tim that make a difference. He has been charged with a crime that really doesn't exist. All he did was use his freedom of speech in a correct manner. He did nothing wrong.
This should not happen to anyone.
I suppose if the KKK put up posters at the Library they would be left there no problem. Seems they have more rights then people like Yvette and Tim. That is a shame.
Libraries have become a target of the Bush Gov. Seems all the good people in American are now his targets. Imagine Recruiters having a Vet thrown in jail. Now that is just pathetic on their part.
I think letting your member of Congress about this would not be out of line either.
Use your Imagination.
POST and PASS it on to any where you want. You don't even have to change it just copy and past it. These people need some help. Add Ideas along the way. I want the charges dropped and an apology given to these people.
This could happen to anyone in America. Helping them is helping yourself.
Imagine a truck load of letters hitting the Court house.


Let me add that you can go to this site, they have contact info for media, radio talk shows, government, etc.


IVAW Supporter,

I am writing to let you know about an urgent issue that is affecting
several of our IVAW members. Adam Kokesh and Liam Madden are both very
active members and former Marines. Because of their outspoken
opposition to the war, the Marine Corps is threatening to revoke their honorable
discharges and change them to other than honorable. We cannot allow
this suppression of free speech to occur! Adam and Liam need our help to
pay for legal defense and travel to their hearings. Adam just found
out his hearing is in Kansas City on June 4th, less than two weeks away!
Attached below is a letter from Adam, describing his situation and
for your help. Besides financial contributions, we also need people
who are in the Kansas City area to gather support for Adam before his
June 4th hearing. Please contact me at if you are in the
area and would like to find out how you can help. I will keep you
updated on both Adam and Liam's cases as they unfold.
Thank you so much for your time and support, it really means everything
to our veterans who dare to speak the truth.

In Peace,
Kelly Dougherty
Former Sergeant Army National Guard
Executive Director
Iraq Veterans Against the War

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