Sunday, November 11, 2007

You will not shut us up!

"Wow! I have a DD-214 in my back pocket that shows I have nine years, ninths and six days of honorable service in Uncle Sam’s Army.

That stint included two trips to Nam and two Bronze Stars. I was ‘lucky’ enough to see Tet of ’68 up close and personal. My second trip included about six weeks in Cambodia in April of ’70.

I know how to fly a helicopter, shoot a four deuce mortar and fix pretty much anything electronic. Not exactly an REMF, but I was there.

Now I realize that my anti-war views are not welcomed in some quarters, but don’t diss me because I disagree with you.

There are a few facts that we should be able to agree upon:

1. Veterans are treated like shit by the Veterans Administration.
2. Veterans represent 25% of the homeless population of the United States, yet comprise only 11% of the adult population of this country.
3. The Veterans Administration is woefully under funded.
4. Jobs and Veterans are problematic.
5. PTSD and TBI are going to become epidemic as time passes.
6. Depleted uranium is going to dwarf Agent Orange in terms of scope and toxicity.

You will not shut us up.
On Sunday the Veterans For Peace marched behind the American Legion’s Veterans Day parade in Boston, about a block behind the parade. Led by five motorcycle Officers.
My pics of the day are somewhat spotty, as I was attending to business.

We assembled!"
Un-Happy Camper

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